Water Level Indicator (With 10 Pictures)

Water Level Indicator (With 10 Pictures)

Water Level Indicator mini project.

water level indicator

Hi, my dear friends! In this tutorial you learn how to make a simple water level indicator alarm at home, Using a Transistor and buzzer. Water overflow is a common problem. Generally, water stored in the overhead tank is wasted due to overflow, when the tank is full. So here is the solution, make this water level indicator yourself and it will indicate you before overflow. This is the easiest method to make an electronic water level indicator. This is very useful to indicate the water levels in a tank. Whenever the tank gets filled, we get beep sound from Buzzer. This simple transistor based water level indicator circuit is very cheap and very simple so anyone can make this water level indicator alarm and use it at home.

The components you will require for making this Water Level Indicator:

  • IRF540N Mosfet Transistor
  • 1 Mega Ohms Resistor
  • Buzzer
  • On/Off Switch
  • 9v Battery
  • 9v Battery Connector
  • Wire

Steps to make a Water Level Indicator with Alarm:

Step 1: Firstly bend the two pins of IRF540N MOSFET transistor and 1 mega ohms resistor as shown below.

water level alarm

Step 2: Solder the resistor to Gate and Source pin of the transistor as shown below.



Step 3: Solder the negative of the buzzer to Drain pin of the transistor as shown below.


Step 4: Take a piece of two wires now solder positive of the buzzer and one wire to the pin of On/Off switch as shown below.


Step 5: Now solder another wire to Gate pin of the transistor as shown below.


Step 6: Solder positive of the 9v battery connector to second pin of the On/Off Switch as shown below.


Step 7: Solder negative of the 9v battery connector to Source pin of the transistor as shown below.


Step 8:  Attach the 9v battery to 9v battery connector as shown below.

science project

Step 9: Using glue attach the circuit on the small piece of a wooden sheet as shown below.


Step 10: Testing the water level indicator alarm. Go look for Mug with water to check its working. Now put Two sensor wires in the Mug, then pour some water. When water in the mug touches sensor wires the Circuit will produce a sound by buzzer as shown below.

electronic circuit

Now your “water Level Indicator Alarm” is ready! Enjoy!

Watch the video to make visually see the Water Level Indicator detailed procedure….



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  1. Hello how are you?? My name is Mariano, I am from Argentina I think your project is very interesting, I would like to know if I would like to guide, in the next, I would like to add a light to this system, how should I do? instead of putting a battery is it possible to use 2 AA batteries?
    I would like to be able to build a probe to measure the static level in a water well. (water level meter) is it possible to do it with a cable 100 meters long?
    From already thank you very much!

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